Spare Parts For Broken Hearts: Gritty, Soulful, Undeniably Talented

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Silverlake and Echo Park is home to the best kept secret in Los Angeles: Free Music Mondays. Every Monday, Spaceland Presents (programmer of The Echo, Echoplex and The Regent) and The Satellite give a chance for emerging artists to showcase their skills.

Earlier this month, female-fronted collective Play Like A Girl presented artists who are part of their record label at The Satellite. Long Beach grunge rockers Spare Parts For Broken Hearts was my standout favorite of the night. Lead singer and lead guitar player Sarah Green, in particular, captivated me. Gritty, soulful and unique, Green’s voice and guitar skills exhibit her natural musicality. Her style of performance is reminiscent of Dead Sara‘s Emily Armstrong. SP/BH’s standout songs thus far are Pleasure Delay and Ever (video below). 

Sarah has a strong vision for SP/BH as you can see in her interview with us. In an industry and genre that has been historically difficult for female artists, developing a successful female-fronted rock band is no easy feat. It is clear that Sarah has the experience and perspective to steer SP/BH in the right direction.

How did you all meet and come together as a band?
Recently, Jessica Lankford has been playing drums for SP/BH and I have been friends with her for years. We’ve also worked together through various productions within the Long Beach music scene throughout the years. Jonny Cifuentes has also been joining on bass, he has been a fan of SP/BH for years and I’m happy we all get to play together.

How would you describe your style of music? Heavy, sad & loud.

Why did you get into music? Why did you choose to play your style of music?
I got into music because I have an innate need to express myself so that my feelings aren’t lost on anything or anyone. I’ve always felt too much or nothing at all, I think both are important when creating, it’s finding that line over and over between the two feelings. I guess I didn’t really choose the style of music I play in SP/BH, I just like intensity. The kind of energy that kills you and keeps you alive at the same time, I like that style.

Where do you want your band to be in a year? Happy.

Why did you decide to join PLAG records and how do you think it benefits you to be a part of the Play Like A Girl record label?
SP/BH joined PLAG for the release of ‘Ever’ because we acknowledged something special between us. It’s different to be approached by women in the music industry, there’s a lot of extra thoughts you don’t have to have in the process and you either know what I mean by that or well, you should. They provided a platform for us to support each other from and introduced SP/BH to a music community of like-minded human beings. We are grateful to see ourselves in the others we play with and in front of, especially our minority friends.

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