Stone Temple Pilots (STP) is currently on tour, promoting their self-titled EP with lead singer Jeff Gutt of X-factor fame. STP is my favorite rock band from the 90’s, so I was beyond hyped to see the band play at The Rose in Pasadena. The crowd was possibly more entertaining than the performers. There was a mix of sober former rock fiends, drunk 40-year-old’s and the oldest groupies I have ever seen. It was a cautionary tale for any youth who may think living it up in your late teens and early 20’s doesn’t have lasting consequences. Unfortunately, I was paying more attention to the audience because there wasn’t much entertainment to be seen on stage.

It is undeniable that Dean DeLeo, Eric Kretz and Robert DeLeo have the musical chops to technically master any rock music that they encounter. Dean, in particular, had some excellent solos. But, there was a hell of a lot missing. There was no tribute to Scott Weiland, no effort to connect with the audience, no soul. Moreover, both the audience and the band looked like they couldn’t wait for it to be over. Bottom line, if you are looking to reminisce about Stone Temple Pilots, head over to Whisky A Go-Go on Tuesday nights for Ultimate Jam Night.

The Rose Pasadena

March 8, 2018

Review: 2/10

Stone Temple Pilots



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