“Work Harder Than You’ve Ever Worked” – The Marías

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Since our interview with The Marías last year, they have become a powerhouse on the road, consistently selling out shows all over the country. They recently performed to a sold out crowd at The New Parish for Noise Pop’s festival and we were again spellbound.

Formed in Los Angeles in late 2016, The Marías are the psychedelic-soul lovechild of LA native, Josh Conway and Puerto Rican-bred, Atlanta-raised María. With María on lead vocals and Josh on drums, the couple is joined by Jesse Perlman on guitar, Carter Lee on bass and Edward James on keys. The band remains cohesive in style and attitude throughout their performance – not an easy feat by any means.

Maria, in particular, has really come into her own as a performer. She assertively embodies the sultry, sensual frontwoman position in The Marías, making it impossible for audience members to draw their eyes away from her. Her confidence and style is eerily reminiscent of Selena’s. We love the shoulder rolls and dance moves that punctuate her performance.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Josh Conway from The Marías before their show to discuss how they have grown their band into a success, why they love playing in the Bay Area and what’s next.

California Smoke: Congrats on all your success over the past year! What is your favorite song on Superclean II and what is the story behind the creation of that song?

Josh: Personally my favorite song on Vol 2 is Cariño. That song was written and recorded within an hour. Maria and I got back to our apartment one night and I randomly asked her to sing a melody. (We do that to each other sometimes as a joke). She sang what is currently the verse of the song. As soon as she started singing I grabbed a guitar and started playing along. Once we got through the verse, the chorus came out naturally.

You’re touring all around California. How do you keep your shows unique for people who come to see you again and again?

Aside from the little upgrades musically, we’ve started upgrading our stage decorations as well which we plan on doing every time. Eventually we’ll start incorporating lights. We’re always coming up with ideas to make the show more fun and exciting.

What would be your dream collaboration and why?

D’Angelo because he’s one of our biggest influences.

Which artist(s) are you most excited about on the Noise Pop lineup?

I can’t wait to play Noise Pop. I’m most excited to see Video Age, Field Medic, Men I Trust, Albert Hammond Jr. and Crumb to name a few…

What are your thoughts on playing shows in the Bay Area? Are shows different/unique from your other shows?

We’ve played a lot of shows in the Bay Area and one thing I’ve noticed is that the crowd is always very energetic and responsive which makes for a better show.

What advice would you give to up and coming indie bands?

If you want to turn your art into a career then work harder than you’ve ever worked. At any given moment, there’s always something you can be doing.

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